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“I came from Amahar region MesrakGojam Zone. My child is 11 months old. He has heart case. I haven’t paid a single penny, I am grateful for the opportunity. I came here at 12 O’clock and got the service at 7 O’clock. Nobody can offer a single tablet leave alone medical treatment worth 3000 birr. ”

Kerbesh Yehiyes

Amahar region

Mother of 11 month old Baby Boy (0912352498)

(2017 E.C)

“After I learnt about my illness I attended medication at St Paul’s Hospital. I was forced to put off the examination since I couldn’t afford the fee. Now I haven’t paid at all, thanks to the charitable offer by Wudassie. I have got the service free of charge. All of the employees from guards to the professional staff have an impressive service. Many people have the fear that their illnesses will deteriorate due to financial constraints. I consider Wudassie as mama’s house.”

Beltu Telahun(patient)

Addis Ababa

Age 46 (0911114677)

(2017 E.C)

“They have stepped in to me at a critical time. This would have cost me two thousand birr in other places. But they have offered the service free of charge here. They had to anaesthetize my son in order to properly administer the treatment. The worst thing is failure to find out the illness of one’s child. And 2000 birr !”

Stegn Yemar(patient)

Oromia region

Age 43(0922191564)

(2017 E.C)

“I follow up my medical treatment in Danu specialized clinic. MRI examination was given to me, but I cannot afford and stay in my home. When I heard from the media that Wudassie Diagnostic center gives free examination service on MRI, CT-SCAN and Ultrasound. I came here get free MRI examination service. I am thankful for what they did for me.”

Husin Naser(patient)

Addis Ababa

Age 32 0911453627

(2017 E.C)

“I am speechless to find this opportunity.Thank you for your professional services! Thank you for your humanitarian services! The doctor from ZewdituHosptial referred me to you and you gave me the necessary diagnostic examination for free. I could not believe this is a reality for me. I would not be able to pay for it. May the Lord bless you abundantly!”

Aberash Mandefro - Patient

“As I was waiting for my sister’s turn, I observed many patientslying down on a stretcher waiting for their diagnosis.I observed the way each person was treated, and handled. It is difficult to deal with aching people but your serviceby itself is a healing. May God’s grace abound to you as you serve every one with patience and thank you for the Pagumen FREE service!”

Maritu Sebhat

“I never thought that my child would get a chance to be diagnosed and treated. I saw no hope. I’m really glad to find such a service in your organization. When my child’s health is restored, I’ll be able to do much more.”

His mom - Bedria Reshid

Patient - Abdela Nasir


“When my sister was sick and aching, I never dreamt that she would get such a cordial service. The Lord has given me favor and you gave me service with discount. I’m really happy about it. Thank you very much!”

Her sister - Aster Sime

Patient - Fikirte Sime


“I brought my father with sudden loss of consciousness and semi paralysison the right side. This institution helped him in all apects next to the savior God. I have no words to express the service I obtained. They gave me free service with full cooperation without a single cent from my pocket. I wish the Institute to progress in its service far so long.God bless all the staffs in this Institute. Thank you so much!”

Dr. Zemen Hassen

Unread signature

“First of all, thank you for giving us this opportunity. Second, we would like to appreciate the service you are rendering. We’ve come from rural areas, Arsi town, and are children of peasants. We’ve had ultrasound diagnostic services at Black Lion Hospital; however, the results were not clear and hence not information to take the necessary measures. The doctors referred us to you and you gave us the necessary diagnostic procedures for free. Mere thank you doesn’t express our gratitude. May the Lord bless you! You should be proud of your self.”

Name: Abubeker Abdulkadir

Patient: Roza Aman

“The very first contact with you set the tone for healing. I would like to thank you in the name of God for giving us free service!”

Wife of patient - Etaferahu

Unread signature

“May the Lord bless you abundantly! Keep up the good service!”

Sr. Metsihet


Unread signature

“My name is Hagos. I express my gratefulness to WDC for giving me free service. I never thought that a private diagnostic center would provide free service for I’m not in a position to pay for such a service. In general, all services starting from the reception up to the doctors was very pleasing. You may not get your reward from humans. May you have all the best! I’ll be your advocate.”

Patient - Yeshihareg

Unread signature

“Before coming to Wudassie I used to attend medical follow up in a public hospital. I was also told to undergo MRI. But I had no money to pay for it. I had ignored the matter. After I heard about this I came here and am able to get the service.”

Husin Nasur(patient)

Addis Ababa

Age 32 (0911453627)

(2017 E.C)

“We came here from Tigray Region after hearing the announcement on media. At Wudassie Number 2 they have given us the treatment with due care. They have also availed ambulance service to deliver the critically ailing patient to St Pauls Hospital. We have not paid anything, we are grateful for that. ”

Geberehiwot Aregagn(patient)

Tigray Region

Age 75 (0913859132)

(2017 E.C)

“I came from the Black Lion specialized Hospital.I came with Patient. He is 6 years old child who needs the Heart ultrasound examination. I heard in social media that wudassie diagnostic center give free MRI, CT-SCAN and Ultrasound examination for 5 days during Pagumen month. Actually the center gives to our Patients how cannot afforded these kind of examinations all the time based on our request. So this type of service has the greatest benefit for these of patients.”

Doctor Eyerusalem Mengesetu

Back Lion specialized Hospital


(2017 E.C)

“Halima came all the wayfrom AFAR. She is 9 yearsold. She is an orphan forboth her parents passedaway when she wastwo years old. Her unclebrought her to our Centerafter hearing the freeCT scan service. The entireneighborhood told himnot to waste his time bytaking Halima for medical treatment because itis a hopeless case mainlybecause they thought itwas a penalty from God. However, he rejected their advice and decided to take his chance. The uncleexpressed his gratefulness to WDC for handlingpatients with dignity as well as for providing free CT-scan service. ”

“What a service! What a care! What a generosity! What an excellence! What a team spirit! Thank You, Wudassie for treating us HUMAN! And The ambulance service was incredibly good.”

A patient’s brother sent from Black Lion Hospital

“My heartfelt gratitude goes to WDC for giving my agonizing dad discount to be diagnosed in your center. This shows to me how much your center is dedicated to serve patients and has a vision that transcends business transaction. The professional and ethical service delivery is highly appreciated.”

Daniel Hailemicheal

Unread signature


“The service we got reminds me of my parents who have provided us with education though they were uneducated - they gave without receiving. This is a model service, noble task and motivates others to do the same. We feel inspired to sing your praises. We hope your service will excel in all areas. In short, God bless you! ”

Worke Wakjira’s family Unread signature

03-05-2002 (EC)

“The reasonable price, the free ambulatory service, the tidiness of the center, the professionals’ prompt service delivery, all of these have great power to strengthen those who have come with patients. I have absolutely no doubt that this center will grow in to big institution where by many people will find help. ”

Father of patient -Yemane Zemenfeskidus

Unread signature


“I, Ato Tamrat Tsegaye, would like to express my thankfulness to WDC which spared my family and me from watching our sister dying because we didn’t have money to pay for her diagnosis and treatment. Second, I am excited about the fact that our country has such a state-of-art technology. I do not have much to say for am not prepared to but I want to bless you and encourage you. ”

Tamrat Tsegaye

Unread signature

14-04-2002 (E.C.)

“My name is Ayansa Sorsa. I’ve come to seek medical service to my wife Emebet Jote from Woliso town Kebele 07. We have seven children. My wife’s life was at stake. The Black Lion Hospital referred us to WDC so that my wife would have free diagnostic service. You gave us all what we needed including free ambulatory services. I will not forget this favor as long as I live. May the Lord bless you with health! This is what I can offer, blessing you! I also would like to appreciate the medical practioners very much! ”

Ayana Soresa


“Thank you so much for stretching your hands to my sick husband, Ato Muluken Walelign! ”

Wife of patient - Simmegn Asrat


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